Pathways Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 7:00 p.m.
  • The 4th Monday of the month
  • City Council Chambers

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Council Liason:  Roger Spreen/Gary Waldeck (Alt)

Current Members

  • Anne Duwe (Chair)
    Term Expires: December 2020
  • Alisa Bredo
    Term Expires: August 2019
  • Nick Dunckel
    Term Expires: December 2020
  • Melissa Dyrdahl
    Term Expires: December 2020
  • Robert Elson 
    Term Expires: December 2020
  • Sonja Wilkerson 
    Term Expires: December 2020
  • Judy Nagy
    Term Expires: January 2021
  • Rachelle Mirkin
    Term Expires: August 2020
  • Bridget Morgan
    Term Expires: March 2019
  • Denise Williams
    Term Expires: June 2018
  • Susan Welch
    Term Expires: September 2017

Associate Members

  • Bob Stutz

Committee Overview

The membership of this Committee shall consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 members. The Pathways Committee currently has 11 members. Six members are required for a quorum.
(updated: 1/31/2017)


The charges to and duties of this Committee shall be to:
  • Work for the preservation and enhancement of the pathways within the Town for the use and enjoyment of all residents
  • Review and recommend changes to the Master Plan and the Bicycle Plan of the Town
  • Make recommendations at subdivision, site development, Planning Commission and City Council meetings regarding pathway easements
  • Meet regularly with the City Manager or the Manager’s designee to render advice on pathway activities, priorities, and necessary maintenance
  • Communicate to residents the concepts and locations of paths and trails within the Town as approved by the City Council
  • Study and recommend ordinances and resolutions relating to acquisition, construction, maintenance and use of public trails and pathways
  • Communicate Town policies and procedures regarding pathways if advised to do so by the City Council
  • Make recommendations to the City Council regarding both the maintenance and capital improvements budgets with regard to pathways

Chair Responsibilities

Special charge to and duty of this Committee’s chair shall be to serve as the Town’s representative to the Valley Transportation Authority’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee or to designate a committee member to fulfill this Council assigned obligation. Upon selection of the representative, the Chair is to provide the City Clerk with the appointee information and as dictated by protocol for official notification, a letter will be forwarded to the Valley Transportation Authority Board of Directors for appointment confirmation.

Pathways FAQs

1. Why do we have pathways?

Other communities have sidewalks to encourage circulation between neighborhoods and to keep people safely off the pavement. The Town’s founders wanted to preserve the rural atmosphere that existed here in the late 1950s.  To that end they insisted on acre minimums as well as a network of paths for walking and riding.

2. How are paths paid for?

Many of the Town’s paths were established during the subdivision process.  Easements were granted or paths built as part of the infrastructure for a subdivision.  Today, as properties come up for major development or redevelopment, owners are asked to build a path segment or pay an in-lieu fee.

The Town occasionally decides to build a path or a very long segment of path.  In that case the project would be a Capital Improvement Project.  Pathway in-lieu fees would be tapped to pay for the project.  Money from the Town’s general fund and/or grant funds might also be used.

3. How is an in-lieu fee calculated?

The fee is $53.00 per linear foot of the average width of the property.  The calculation is made by the Town’s engineering staff.  In the recent past, in-lieu fees paid for developing a typical parcel have been about $11,000.  .  

updated: 2/9/2017