City Departments

  1. City Manager

    The City Manager has administrative responsibility and authority to ensure that the laws and ordinances of the Town are duly enforced.

  2. City Clerk

    The Clerk is responsible for facilitating the conduct of business by the City Council, and fulfilling legal requirements as set forth in the Municipal Code and State law and is committed to helping generate “open and fair government”.

  3. Building Department

    Building Home Page

  4. Finance & Administrative Services

    The department of finance and administrative services exists to ensure the safekeeping and responsible use of public assets entrusted to the Town of Los Altos Hills.

  5. Municipal Code

    This code shall be sufficient to designate any ordinance adding to, amending or repealing the provisions of this Code as an addition or amendment to, or a repeal of, the Los Altos Hills Municipal Code, or a portion thereof.

  6. Planning Department

    The Planning and Building Department is charged with the administration of policies guiding development and building within the Town and provides the residents of Los Altos Hills with an array of planning and building services.

  7. Parks and Recreation

    Learn about the local parks and recreational activities made available to citizens of Los Altos Hills.

  8. Public Works & Engineering

    The Public Works Department is responsible for major capital projects as well as maintaining, inspecting, and reviewing construction and repairs associated with the Town of Los Altos Hills’ municipal infrastructure.