Public Works and Engineering

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The Public Works Department is responsible for major capital projects as well as maintenance, inspection, and review of construction and repairs associated with the Town of Los Altos Hills’ municipal infrastructure. The Department is headed by the Public Works Director/City Engineer, who reports directly to the City Manager.

The department provides support for private development projects, code enforcement issues, Town events, review and response of resident requests, management of the Town’s capital improvement projects, and oversight and maintenance of the Town’s infrastructure and assets. On a day-to-day basis, the Public Works Department staff provide technical support to residents, contractors, consultants, other Town departments, and boards and agencies related to the Town's standards, processes, regulations, and codes related to private land development projects, work in the public right-of-way, and Town's infrastructure and assets. Some of the typical responsibilities of the Public Works Department includes oversight of capital improvement projects and improvements and maintenance of the Town’s sanitary sewers, storm drainage systems, roads, pathways, parks, and other facilities. The Department also facilitates and coordinates the procurement process to successfully deliver many public projects efficiently and cost effectively.

The Engineering staff are available to answer questions on storm drainage, sanitary sewer and other land development issues, in addition to performing technical reviews for site plans and subdivision plans. We pride ourselves in providing Los Altos Hills residents with the highest quality customer service, with integrity, and utmost professionalism.

Underground Service Alert (USA) Notice:

The Town of Los Altos Hills is NOT responsible for marking:

- Gravity Flow Facilities (i.e. storm, sanitary sewer, private, laterals, etc.)

The Town of Los Altos Hills will mark:

- Public Sanitary Sewer Force Mains

If you submitted a USA ticket and would like the Town's utility maps of your site, please contact the Public Works Department.

Sewer Problems:


  • Town Hall (650) 941-7222 (Business Hours 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm); or
  • (408) 299-3233 if Town staff cannot be reached

Please note property owner is responsible for maintenance, repair, and replacement of lateral, from the building to the main connection including the "Y" at the the main, sewer relieve valve, and backflow preventor. . If you have any questions please contact Los Altos Hills Public Works at (650) 941-7222.

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Homeowner Responsibilities for Sewer Lateral

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Private Roadway Agreements

Please contact the City Clerk if you would like these documents in Microsoft Word.

Engineering & Public Works Documents