Top Tips for Saving Water

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  • Monitor water meter for leaks. Irrigation and toilets are most prone to leak.
  • Ask your water retailer to install a smart meter to get hourly data on usage and leak detection alerts
  • Replace lawn with low water plants native to California’s Central Coast Region
  • Cover pool when not in use
  • Replace inefficient spray irrigation with drip (e.g. Netafim) or stream spray (e.g. MP Rotators)
  • Irrigate only at night or early morning,between the hours of 6 pm to 8 am, adjust schedule monthly
  • Adjust irrigation system to eliminate overspray and runoff
  • Report water running or pooling in the road to your water company. Use smartphone app Access Valley Water or call (408) 630-2000
  • Amend soil with compost and mulch
  • Install a weather based irrigation controller
  • Use broom not hose to clean hardscape
  • Capture rainwater or reuse greywater

Not sure how to save? Schedule a free home water audits through Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Water Wise House Program.

800-548-1882 on online at Santa Clara Valley Water District Website

  1. Plant Choice
  2. Climate Suitable Landscapes
  3. Irrigation Schedule

Landscape decisions determine the amount of supplemental water. Listed below are inches of water needed during the month of July when evaporation rates are greatest.

Landscape Choice
Supplemental Water in July (inches)
 Turf 7.0
 Uncovered Pool 7.7
 Vineyard 2.6
 Mature Native Plants Less Than 1