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Town Committee/Planning Commission Application Form

  1. Town of Los Altos Hills
    26379 Fremont Road
    Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
    Phone: 650-941-7222
    Fax: 650-941-3160
  2. About this Application
    Town citizens are encouraged to apply at any time to serve on the Town’s committees, and certain special appointed positions. Applications are reviewed when openings are available; qualified applicants will then be invited to interview with the City Council. This application is intended to assist the City Council to learn more about you and your interests in serving on one of the Town’s committees.
  3. Registered Voter*
  4. Are you aware of any existing or proposed Town or private projects or personal relationships that may create a conflict of interest that could affect your decisions?
  5. Are you aware of any issues now or proposed that might require you to recuse yourself?
  6. Membership on standing Committees / Commissions often entails meetings throughout the year, and most Committees / Commissions meet at least once monthly. Can you be available for these meetings?*
  7. I voluntarily submit this application to the Town of Los Altos Hills Standing Committees/Planning Commission, and verify that the information contained in this application is correct.
  8. Please check the box*
  9. Please let us know how you heard about the Town's Committees and Membership Application.*
  10. Please Note
    Please note that your appointment will be posted on the Town’s website as a Standing Committee member. Your signed application is public record and will be available on request.
  11. Questions?
    Questions and additional information regarding the selection process should be directed to the City Clerk at 650-941-7222.

    Thank you for your interest in serving your community!
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