Emergency Communications Committee

CommunicationsThe membership of this Committee shall consist of a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of twenty-five (25) members, all of who are either licensed radio amateurs or individuals in training for the said licensed status.


Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month
Time & Place: 7:00 pm; Los Altos Hills City Council Chambers


City Council Liaison: Gary Waldeck K6AIR

Current Members

  Term Expires     Term Expires
Jim Abraham (Co-Chair) W6EB
4/18   James Heinzelman KD6Y
Scott Overstreet (Co-Chair) N6NXI 4/18   Sam Wood K6MSR
Dru Anderson ( Secretary) KG6LAD
  Andrew Kirk WB6CLS
Robert Anderson KC6ZWG 4/18   Duncan MacMillan KI6VMY
Andy Fawcett KI6MAF
4/16   Edwin Jones W7WPO 10/18
Ben Hu KK6HH  10/19    

 Associate Members

Mark Bailey N6DY   Greg Olsen K6XM  
David Gilmour WQ1K   Dave Stewart KJ6JQT  
Bill Gibbons K6GH   Gerald Tomanek AF6HY  
Bert Raphael   KK6GNB   Robert Lisbonne KG6H0D  
Maynard Stevenson W7MVT   Neil Katin  AI6FI  
John Pfefferle KJ6CBX   Ray Egan W6FQY  
Bob Rowe AF6LD   Carol Starbuck K6PIG  
Bill Lattin   KK6PCA   Peter Evans   AI6MV  

Emergency Communications Committee Agenda and Minutes

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The Charges to and Duties of this Committee shall be:

  • Provide emergency radio communication services between the Los Altos Hills Emergency Operation Center (EOC) facility using federally sanctioned amateur (ham) radio operating frequencies in accordance with federally mandated amateur (ham) radio operating requirements and procedures and:

    • The Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Services (OES).
    • Amateur (ham) radio operators throughout the Town of Los Altos Hills and surrounding areas.
    • Surrounding area municipal emergency communication facilities, hospitals and emergency service groups such as the Red Cross.
  • Participate in periodic “simulated disaster” emergency communication drills and various set meetings as organized by the Amateur Radio Emergency System (ARES) District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) or other such officials and weekly ARES communication readiness/training nets that exist in our area;
  • Provide occasional non-emergency communication services for other Los Altos Hills sanctioned groups as requested when possible and practical;
  • Develop and train an “Associates” group of radio amateur operators within the Town of Los Altos Hills and surrounding areas who in time of need will be available to assist the Committee members in the performance of “charge” tasks. Training shall consist of offered instruction in emergency communication as well as in the basic skills necessary for passing the entry level amateur radio operator test administered by the Federal Communications Commission; and
  • Maintain the group’s radio equipment and update it as required via volunteer labor and budgeted acquisition of goods and services as required.

Updated: December 10, 2015


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