Los Altos - Los Altos Hills Joint Community Volunteer Service Awards Committee

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There shall be up to twelve (12) members of the Committee, each appointed for a four (4) year term. Each City shall appoint one of its councilmembers and five (5) additional members. Cities are encouraged to make the appointments by January for any vacancies, and to make appointments in such a way that the terms stagger for two years. (Consequently, initial appointments or re-appointments after adoption of these Bylaws may be for less than four year terms.) In selecting appointees, preference shall be given to prior awardees.


Town of Los Altos Hills                                   City of Los Altos  
Gary Waldeck - Council Representative       Mary Prochnow- Council Representative  
                        Term Expires     Term Expires
Morvari Ahi  3/19   John Cardoza  2/19
Rebecca Hickman  3/19   Edward Infante  2/17
Jerry Tomanek  3/19   Dennis Young  2/19
Patty Radlo  3/17   Paul Nyberg  2/17
Benjamin Gikis  3/17   Sunita Mehta  2/17

Charges and Duties:

  • The Committee is organized jointly by the City of Los Altos and the City of Los Altos Hills as a non-profit effort to recognize volunteers who have benefited these two communities. The recognition is during an annual luncheon (the "Recognition Luncheon") generally held during the first Friday of each December, for which tickets are sold to the public.
  • The Committee is charged to seek and request applications from various organizations and persons for nominations for the potential awardees, select the awardees to be recognized, organize the Recognition Luncheon, and to present the awards at the Recognition Luncheon.

Updated: October 23, 2015


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