Water Conservation Committee


The membership of this Committee shall consist of a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) members appointed whenever feasible to include at least one member of the Environmental Initiatives Committee, Environmental Design and Protection Committee, and Open Space Committee, and Director of the Purissima Hills Water District.

Meetings: 3rd Monday of every month
Time & Place: 9:30 am; Parks and Recreation Center


City Council Liaison: Council Member J. Harpootlian

Current Members

  Term Expires     Term Expires
Kit Gordon, Chair 1/18   Dick Jones 6/17
Kathleen Santora 9/17   Gary Kremen 2/15
Peter Evans 3/17   Jean Struthers 3/17

Associate Members

Kjell Karlsson              Susan Welch  
Neela Shukla     Ray Collins  
Lysbeth Goodman     Peter Evans  

More Information


The Charges to and Duties of this Committee shall be:

  • To provide advice to the City Council on water issues;
  • To research and report on water issues on the local, regional, and state level;
  • To work with water districts to develop and implement programs to reduce landscape water use, giving first priority to voluntary programs;
  • To educate the public about water conservation;
  • To facilitate coordination with the water retailers (i.e., Purissima Hills Water District and California Water) and the Santa Clara Valley Water District;
  • To enlist help from institutions such as Foothill College to achieve Town water conservation goals;
  • To collect annual water use date from water retailers and prepare an annual Town water report; and
  • To foster communication with other standing committees and water retailers.

Nothing in the aforementioned charges and duties shall be interpreted as requiring property owners to submit their pending site development and landscape screening plans before the Committee for review or approval.

Updated:  January 16, 2014


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