Stanford Application for update to General Use Permit

On November 21, 2016 Stanford University submitted an application to Santa Clara County to update its General Use Permit, outlining the next phase of needs for the campus beginning in 2018.

The planning process involves both internal examination of the university's academic and space needs as well as consultation with neighbors and community partners. Three public open houses were held in early June, 2016 to solicit input from residents of campus and neighboring communities, including Los Altos Hills. The 2018 General Use Permit updates the current GUP adopted in 2000, which allowed construction of academic buildings and housing, governed by specific conditions to address areas of environmental and community concerns. County-adopted policies as stated in the Stanford University Community Plan established in 2000, will continue to provide the policy framework for the 2018 General Use Permit. The Community Plan and GUP have proven successful, providing predictability and flexibility for Stanford and accountability to the county and the community.
The proposal for an updated General Use Permit for 2018 to 2035 will allow Stanford to provide more on-campus housing and to continue evolving its academic facilities to meet modern research and teaching needs. In doing so, Stanford will continue to follow a compact infill development strategy that preserves the existing campus footprint, protects natural resources and produces no net increase in automobile commute trips to the campus.
The application process with Santa Clara County is expected to take approximately two years. Stanford will conduct extensive community engagement as the process unfolds.

A community forum was held on January 25, 2017 in Palo Alto to present information about the land use application and planning process for the Stanford Master Use Permit application:

A second meeting was held on February 8, 2017 at the Palo Alto Arts Center, to accept comments on  the scope of the Environmental Impact Report being prepared in association with the project.

*UPDATE* (10/26/2017)
The Stanford 2018 General Use Permit Draft EIR is now available, there will be a 60-day public review and comment period, which ends on December 4, 2017.  

Public Meeting - January 23, 2018 *NEW*
Complete schedule of DEIR community meetings October - December, 2017

The Draft EIR has identified significant and unavoidable impacts in the areas of Cultural Resources, Noise and Vibration, and Transportation-Traffic.  This notice is required to disclose whether the program area contains any sites lists as a hazardous waste site.  The program area contains no such sites.      

The Draft EIR and referenced documents are available for review at the following locations:

County Planning webpage for Stanford 2018 General use Permit: 

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