Town Hall Addition and Remodel Project

The Town of Los Altos Hills is considering an addition of the existing Town Hall facilities in order to increase the amount of floor area for recreational activities and uses, improve the staff office area to better accommodate existing and future staff, and to increase the amount of conference room space for Town Committee meetings and staff use.

Due to the limited size of the Parks and Recreation building (which contains less than 550 square feet of available meeting space), most recreational activities (exercise classes, special events, speakers, film nights, etc.) and almost all public meetings utilize the Council Chambers. A substantial portion of the Council Chamber’s floor area does not adequately accommodate the mix of functions, and a significant increase in demand has resulted in overbooking or cancellation of some activities. Regarding existing office and conference space, 8 of the 22 existing employees at the Town Hall facilities must share an office or cubicle designed for a single employee and there is only one small conference room in the staff offices and public area to conduct Town business.

At the City Council’s direction, staff contacted the original project architect for Town Hall, Duxbury Architects, and the landscape architect, Thomas Klope and Associates, and requested that they develop a draft conceptual plan to replace the Parks and Recreation building with a new multi-purpose room, along with enclosing the covered patio at the rear of the Council Chambers for a new conference room. In addition, a concept for a Town greenspace was suggested to replace the Heritage House and orchard along Fremont Road. These concepts were presented to the City Council on September 20, 2018. On a 3 to 1 vote, the City Council agreed to move forward with the Site Development and Conditional Use Permit review process.

The conceptual plan was presented to the Planning Commission on November 1, 2018 to accept comments and suggestions from the public and the Commissioners, and provide direction to staff related to the proposed uses, possible setback variance, building design, access, and compatibility of the structure and uses to the surrounding neighborhood. Additional public hearings are planned in early 2019.

Proposed Conceptual Project

The conceptual project consists of the following:

  • The removal of the Parks and Recreation building and the construction of an attached multi-purpose room for recreational uses along with restrooms, new offices for Parks and Recreation staff, and a new lunchroom/copy room
  • Enclosure of the covered patio area at the rear of the Council Chambers to create 480 square feet for meeting/conference space;
  • Potential removal of the Heritage House to create a Town greenspace;
  • Reconfiguration of existing office space to accommodate four additional individual workstations and new meeting rooms;
  • Additional driveway access onto Fremont Road where the current turnaround and disabled parking is located.

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