Pop-Up Photo Frame

Following the Town’s successful partnership with Hidden Villa’s Floral Frame at Byrne Preserve, the community was asking for more! The Town built its own frame and beginning December 2020, the frame was installed at Town Hall for pictures near Fremont Road with the backdrop of the apricot orchard. The Frame has since has been in rotation and seasonally decorated at Town Hall, Edith Park, Purissima Park, and Byrne Preserve. 

The frame is installed at Byrne Preserve and Westwind Community Barn near the left side of the driveway in the picnic area of the parking lot at 27210 Altamont Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022. See arrow below. 

Map of Frame Location

We want to see your photos! Share here and we will add them to the Community Photo Album!

View the how-to video below.