Updated 1/13/2022

The Town's Current Franchise Agreement with GreenWaste Expires June 30, 2034

The Town will begin to circulate an RFP for Solid Waste Services July 1, 2031

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Manure Disposal Pilot Program:

  •  This community program will be available to all registered residents with backyard horses. Program includes gated access to a community manure bin adjacent to the Town’s Riding Arena. Pilot program goal is to establish community need and determine optimal collection times and servicing processes. Questions and input can be sent to Sarah at 650-947-2518. For more information and to enroll visit

GreenWaste Video Tours: 

Introduction Video:

Single-stream MRF, where BLUE carts are processed:

MSW MRF (and Z-Best), where GRAY carts are processed:

Yard Trimmings MRF (and Z-Best), where GREEN carts are processed:

New Services

July 1, 2019 altered services included the following:

  • GREEN Cart(s) collected Curbside only
  • Personal cans and carts no longer permitted - required use of GreenWaste-issued carts

Base Services includes: 1 Gray Cart, 1 96-Gallon Blue Cart and up to 2 96-gallon Green Carts. Monthly Base Service rates are determined by your Gray Cart volume. Additional charges apply for On-Premise collection.

Cart Distinction Graphic

Curbside Service Area vs. Small-Truck-Only Service Area

The "Curbside Service Area" is where the cart set-out location is accessible by a standard, larger (24 square yards-plus) collection vehicle and where all carts (BLUE, GRAY and GREEN) are within 10-feet of the accessible roadway. At this Curbside location, all the material can be collected without the driver needing to walk or drive more than 10-feet beyond the accessible roadway. If you are in a "Small-Truck-Only Area", you will need to take your GREEN Cart(s) to a Curbside location, which may be a collection point shared with neighbors.

Please see map and video explanation below. 

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3 Programs to Help Residents

  1. The Physical Limitations Program: If you have permanent physical limitations that prevent you from taking your Base Service carts to/from within 10’ of the closest CURBSIDE or ON-STREET collection location, On-Premise Drive-on collection services may be available to you at no extra cost. Learn more about this service accommodation.
  2. The Grey Cart Swap Program: SMALL-TRUCK-ONLY Area customers and ON-PREMISE customers in CURBSIDE Areas may trade in their 2 96-gallon GREEN carts for 1 96-gallon GRAY cart for no additional charge. The swapped GREEN for GRAY cart will be processed and all compostable materials will be recovered and turned into compost. The "GRAY Cart Swap" Program will allow: SMALL-TRUCK-ONLY customers to set-out BLUE and GRAY carts at the closest ON-STREET location rather than wheeling the GREEN carts to a CURBSIDE Area, and ON-PREMISE customers in SMALL-TRUCK-ONLY Areas and CURBSIDE Areas to continue to receive (or subscribe to) ON-PREMISE services for BLUE and GRAY carts without having to also wheel their GREEN carts to a CURBSIDE or ON-STREET location for collection. Base Service GRAY cart subscription levels will be frozen at the highest level over the prior six (6) month period. This freeze will only prohibit downsizing of the customer’s Base Service level, but upsizing is permitted. Additional GREEN carts will not be available for participating Swap customers, even for an additional charge. To participate in the Swap Program, contact GreenWaste customer service at 650-947-4994 
  3. The Second Grey Cart Subsidy Program: Any eligible customer that participates in the "GRAY Cart Swap" Program may order additional GRAY Carts for an additional charge. Additionally, all customers that receive ON-PREMISE service and participate in the "GRAY Cart Swap" will be offered a 25% discount on Additional GRAY carts from GreenWaste. The purpose of this discount is to incentivize customers that are not receiving ON-PREMISE services to utilize these services that further keep carts off the streets and help to offset the cost of additional GRAY carts that are required as part of this service. During the implementation of the Swap Program, Town Staff and GreenWaste received several inquiries from Small-Truck-Only customers who require more than the one "swapped" 96-gallon GRAY cart. These customers expressed concerns about the cost of the additional GRAY cart/s and asked Town Staff to evaluate potential rate relief. Staff received approval from Council to provide a 50% subsidy on the price of a second 96-gallon GRAY cart. The Town Subsidy Program will allow: Customers in Small-Truck-Only areas who are also participating in the Swap Program to receive a 50% discount, with the full subsidy provided by the Town, and ON-PREMISE Swap Program customers, already receiving a 25% discount on a second GRAY cart from GreenWaste, to receive a supplemental 25% discount provided by the Town, bringing their full discount to 50%. The program sunsets June 30, 2020. Read the  staff report on the Subsidy Program, and call GreenWaste for more information.

No Cost Services to Residents:

  • Take advantage of monthly Fire Prevention yard waste drop off events hosted by the Los Altos County Fire District that occur on the 3rd Saturday of each month (unless otherwise notified).
  • Take advantage of the Town-wide Clean-up Events that occur 3 times each year (dates are determined annually, and are included in newsletters and posted online).
  • Take advantage of the 2 on-call clean up events provided each year at no additional charge. These are scheduled at your convenience and include up to 3 piles of clean yard trimmings (pile size must not exceed 3 feet, by 3 feet, by 3 feet).
  • Utilize your 4 yard trimmings vouchers provided annually at no additional charge. These vouchers will be mailed to customers in the August 1st bill (covering the 3-month period of July through September) and annually in the February bill thereafter.

Helpful Links:

Helpful Products:

Garbage Hauling Hitch

Does your property have a long and/or steep driveway? 

See a suggested product which can assist in getting the garbage bins down to their designated spot on pick up day. 

Composting Basics Book

Did you know that only 10% of Town households compost on-site according to County survey? View Survey.

See a suggested book on how to compost more at your household. 

Garbage Hauling Hitch
Compost Book

Composting Information:

Composting Education Program

Interested in home composting? See educational information from the University of California Agricultural and Natural Resources Website.

Composting Basics Class

SB 1383 Education and Outreach Resources


The SB 1383 draft regulations require that jurisdictions conduct education and outreach on organics recycling to all residents, businesses (including those that generate edible food that can be donated) haulers, solid waste facilities, and local food banks and other food recovery organizations

Learn more about this draft regulation.

Learn more by visiting the County of Santa Clara Recycling and Waste Reduction Division

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GreenWaste Tour

GreenWaste Tour of the Material Recovery Facility in San Jose, CA

Once mixed recyclable materials are collected from homes and businesses, they are taken to a facility that is specifically designed to sort mixed materials into materials of like-type so they can be used to create new products. This tour will offer participants a first-hand look inside one of the most state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facilities, where GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. takes the Town’s mixed compostables (gray cart), recyclables (blue cart) and yard trimmings (green cart) materials for processing. This tour will demonstrate how mixed compostables, recyclables and yard trimming materials are all sorted under the same roof, accomplishing high recycling rates, ultimately diverting up to 95% of recyclables and 75% of materials away from landfill. 

Next Tours: TBD

Register for upcoming tours. Exclusivity for Los Altos Hills residents only. 

Virtual Tours: Click here to watch videos

Workers in GreenWaste
GreenWaste Workers

Garbage Contract Update Timeline:

  • July 31, 2018 - GreenWaste contacts the Town to begin discussions to renew the Franchise Agreement.
  • August 16, 2018 - a subcommittee of the City Council was formed to review the franchise agreement for the collection of garbage, recyclables and yardwaste.
  • December 3, 2018 - Town management received from GreenWaste correspondence, "Contract Extension Rate Increase and Potential Options" including the updated cost proforma indicating that the actual revenue collected for FY 17/18 and 18/19 were $2.0 million
  • and $2.22 million while the expenses for those FYs were $2.20 million and $2.26 million respectively.
  • February 8, 2019 - Request for Proposal for the Collection of Garbage, Recyclable, and Compostable Materials, and Street Sweeping Services (RFP) was issued.
  • During the RFP advertisement period, staff received only two Requests for Clarification/Information specific to minimum diversion rate, scope of services, and transition schedule from the time of award of contract.
  • After further review and discussions between Town management, staff, and the Trash Ad-Hoc Committee, the decision was made to withdraw the RFP and to negotiate with GreenWaste.
  • The Council considered the GreenWaste proposal at the April 18, May 16 and June 20, 2019 regular City Council meetings.

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